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Uploading a Z Tags bucket file to Datamars Livestock cloud software
Uploading a Z Tags bucket file to Datamars Livestock cloud software

Upload Z Tags bucket files containing animal VIDs and EIDs to help data management

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You may want to upload bucket files to view animal visual tag numbers (VIDs) with electronic tag numbers (EIDs) in Datamars Livestock. You can also upload bucket files directly onto a Tru-Test device using Data Link PC software.

The csv bucket file must be modified before being uploaded to Datamars Livestock or it may upload incorrectly.

Watch the video to learn how to:

  1. Download a Z Tags csv bucket file from the Z Tags website (video shows accessing Z Tags New Zealand).

  2. Modify the csv bucket file for upload.

  3. Upload the modified csv bucket file into Datamars Livestock.

Note: Z Tags csv bucket files may be obtained from the source of purchase, or from your local distributor, depending on where you are based. The process to upload the files remains the same.

Datamars Livestock cannot have duplicate VIDs even if they are linked to different EIDs. If you have duplicate VID numbers for sheep and cattle, we recommend using an affix (prefix or suffix). These include year codes (used in the above video) or letters (A, B, C) to differentiate between the VIDs.

The Microsoft Excel equation used in the above video to join two values together is Concatenate, for more information on concatenating, see Microsoft's help guide.

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