Using the Datamars Livestock apps

Learn how to use the Datamars Livestock apps with your fence monitoring solution

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In the Datamars Livestock mobile or web apps, you can see whether electric fence voltages are OK in all locations where you have nodes installed.

Green = fence voltage is strong.

Orange = fence voltage has fallen below warning voltage threshold.

Red = fence voltage has fallen below the critical voltage threshold.

Notifications about the status of your fence can be sent to your mobile or to your email address.

Tip! Modifying notifications and thresholds can be useful if you find you are receiving too many unwanted alerts. Thresholds are configurable in Farm Settings menu. Notifications are configurable in the web app only.

Watch the video to learn how to:

  • View fence voltages

  • Change the name of a gateway or node

  • Change the location of a gateway or node

  • Change the Wi-Fi network of a gateway

  • Invite users to your farm

Having trouble?

  • Ask us a question in the blue messaging tool on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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