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Where do I see the number of animals in heat?

We recommend using the Datamars Livestock mobile app. On the dashboard, you can see the number of animals in heat during the current 24 hour period. If required, tap on Animals in Heat to view a list of animals in heat and tap on an animal record for more detail on a particular animal.

I think that an animal is in heat, but she is not in the draft list or the In heat report. Why?

  1. Open the animal record and check that the animal’s heat intensity has reached 40%. If the heat intensity is below this, a heat may not be alerted until the animal has reached the optimal time for insemination.

  2. Check that the animal is in the correct group in Datamars Livestock to match the physical group on your farm. Datamars Livestock analyses the behaviour of an individual animal against that of the group, so it is important that the group is correct. In this way, it can determine whether abnormal animal behaviour is due to an event on your property which has affected a group e.g. a weather event, moving animals, change in farming practice, feed etc.

  3. Open the animal record and change the graph to display heat behaviour over a 30 day period. If the animal shows multiple heats during this time, the system may have detected so much abnormal behaviour that it has identified the animal as having irregular heats.

In any of the above situations, you can always AI an animal if you choose to, just in case.

An animal is pregnant so I didn't expect to see her in the draft list and in the In heat report. Why is she there?

The animal may have had a pregnancy loss. To check, open the animal record and see if there is a pregnancy loss event:

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