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What is Walk Over Weighing (WOW)?

A Walk Over Weighing system allows you to closely monitor weight trends offering powerful insights into the performance of your animals.

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A Walk Over Weighing (WOW) system allows you to easily weigh animals on a regular basis. Animals voluntarily weigh themselves by walking over the scales, with no intervention required.

Regular weighing means that you can:

  • closely monitor weight trends

  • identify poor performers

  • optimise breeding programmes

  • catch health issues early

Components of a WOW system

All WOW systems consist of these hardware items:

A WOW (Walk Over Weighing) platform with built-in load bars

A control box, containing an EID reader, a weigh scale and a gateway to connect to the internet

An EID antenna which pics up the magnetic signal from animal EID ear tags.

Flexi WOW 4000C

Dairy WOW 4000

How WOW works

When an animal walks over the platform, its EID tag is read by the EID antenna and its weight is captured. The control box sends the EID and weight data to Datamars Livestock cloud software via an LTE, Wi-Fi or satellite internet connection. Users can view or edit animal data using the Datamars Livestock mobile or web app.

Having trouble?

  • Phone the Datamars Smart Farming support team:
    AU 1800 248 774
    NZ 0800 248 722
    US +1 (888) 431-0957 (toll free).
    UK +44 20 4571 7717
    IE and EU +353 (21) 242 8844

  • Ask us a question in the blue messaging tool on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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