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Troubleshooting an LTE internet connection

Troubleshoot a poor or lost LTE (cell) internet connection (LTE WOW systems only)

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A poor internet connection will slow down data the flow of data to Datamars Livestock. A lost connection will prevent data flow altogether.

To troubleshoot an LTE internet connection:

  1. Position yourself next to the WOW system.

  2. Go into your mobile phone settings and check that Wi-Fi is set to On.

  3. From the list of available networks, select RemoteWOW and enter the password trutestRemoteWOW.

  4. Open a browser (e.g. Google or Safari) and type into the address bar.

    This will launch the Datamars WOW Configuration app:

5. Scroll down to Current Signal.
The Modem Status should be Connected.
The Signal Strength should be between -30 and -90 dBm.

  • If the Modem Status is Not Connected, check the LTE settings are configured correctly.

  • If the Signal Strength is 0, check that the 4G LTE antenna is plugged in correctly on the control box:

  • If the Signal Strength is between -91 and -100 dBm, reposition the 4G LTE antenna. If this doesn't work, try a third-party antenna with a longer cable and mount it in a different location (e.g high on a pole).

If the problem persists, contact the support team (see below).

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Having trouble?

  • Phone the Datamars Smart Farming support team:
    AU 1800 248 774
    NZ 0800 248 722
    US +1 (888) 431-0957 (toll free).
    UK +44 20 4571 7717
    IE and EU +353 (21) 242 8844

  • Ask us a question in the blue messaging tool on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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