Data Link PC software for Windows allows you to send sessions directly to New Zealand NAIT or Australian NLIS.

Before you start

1. Connect your device to the PC using the cable(s) supplied with your device, then launch Data Link.

2. Set your Country to New Zealand or Australia:

3. Enter your NAIT or NLIS account details:

Sending a session file to NAIT or NLIS

  1. Select a session file to send:

2. Send records to NAIT or NLIS:

3. Enter your NAIT or NLIS account and transaction details, then click Send:


  • If you are not connected to the internet, you can transfer sessions off the device, save them to your PC, then upload them to NAIT or NLIS later.
  • You can only upload one session at a time to NAIT or NLIS.

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