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Managing non-current animals in your Remote WOW groups
Managing non-current animals in your Remote WOW groups

Manage non-current animals in your Datamars Livestock Remote WOW groups to display up-to-date animal data

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Once an animal, or mob or animals have been sold, culled or moved properties, they should be updated in Datamars Livestock Cloud Software so the Remote WOW group reports display current and up-to-date animal data.

Changing an animal's Status to Sold or Died

Changing an animal, or a group of animals's status from Current to Sold, or Dead will remove them from the current group.

Create an Archive group

You can create an Archive group to move non-current animals into from the default Remote WOW group. You will still be able to view the historical weight trends for those animals.

  1. On the Sessions screen locate the last known session that contains the non-current animals, click on it to go to the Summary tab.

  2. Select the Change button to assign the animals to a new or different existing group.

You can change the status of those animals in the new group to either Sold or Dead. Once all animals are removed from the Remote WOW group to the Archive group, the animals will automatically be moved from the Current to the Completed group's tab.

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