Introduction to drafting with a Remote WOW Drafter

You can draft animals by weight or by life data with a Remote WOW Drafter and Datamars Livestock cloud software

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You can draft animals with your Remote WOW Drafter. Animals can be drafted by:

  • weight

  • life data such as breed, sex, year born or contract.

Note: You can only draft animals by life data or by weight, not by session data or by ID.

Whatever information you choose to draft by (weight or life data) the data must already be recorded in Datamars Livestock.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. In Datamars Livestock, set criteria for the group of animals you want to draft.

  2. Export the list of animals meeting that criteria to your Remote WOW Drafter.

  3. Animals in the list will be drafted when their IDs are scanned.

Starting point - which animals should I start with?

You may already have a group of animals in Datamars Livestock which you want to use as a starting point, before applying criteria to get a subset of animals. For this reason, the examples given here start in the Groups screen.

If you want to apply criteria to ALL of the animals in Datamars Livestock, you can start in the Animals screen instead.

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