You may want to give a farm manager or someone else access to the energizers on your property. Invite them on Datamars Livestock and they will be able to see and manage your energizers from within the Farm Management app.

Note: Requires the Farm Management app to be on version 1.8.0. or above.

1. Log on to Datamars Livestock and select which farm to invite the user to. Once selected, click the Farm Name again, followed by Users.

2. Select Invite Users to start the process. Type in the users’ details and select the user role User and press Send Invite. The user will receive an email with an invitation to accept.

If the user doesn't already have a Datamars Livestock account, the link will prompt them to create one.

Note: Users must be invited as a User and not Group Viewer otherwise they will not have access to view energizers on the Farm Management app.

3. Once the invite is accepted, the new user can install and log into the Farm management app on an Android smartphone or iPhone.

The energizers connected to the farm will appear in the list of energizers view.

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