If you want to record specific data on the XRS2i/XRS2 EID stick reader (XRS2) such as pregnancy data, or where the animal came from, you need to create a new data field on the XRS2i/XRS2. You can also use animal data fields to upload your own custom data such as information from a veterinarian or other herd management software.

Watch the video to learn how to:

  • Create a new animal data field on the XRS2i/XRS2 EID stick reader

  • Check that the new data field is turned on to use

Note: In the video the XRS2 is used as the example. The accessories and set up is the same for the XRS2i.

Note: Depending on what information field you are creating, you will need to select different data types (a number, a date, text, an animal ID tag, or a list of values) and information fields. There are three types of information fields:

  • Session information
    This is information that changes over time and should be recorded each session, such as weights or body condition score.

  • Lifetime information
    This is information which will not change over the lifetime of the animal, such as breed, sex, date of birth.

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