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Uploading sessions into Datamars Livestock
Uploading sessions using the Data Link app for Android smartphone
Uploading sessions using the Data Link app for Android smartphone

One click session uploading to Datamars Livestock from your Tru-Test Bluetooth® device

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Whether you're out in the field with your animals or back in the office, you can upload sessions to Datamars Livestock using Data Link on your Android smartphone.

Watch the video to learn how to:

  • Automatically upload session files to Datamars Livestock.

  • Upload sessions to sessions if you have multiple farms.

  • Manually upload sessions to Datamars Livestock.

1. Power on your Tru-Test device and make sure Bluetooth® is on to connect to your phone.  If you are using a 5000 indicator, connect through the Wi-Fi Data Link option.

2. Launch the Data Link app and enter your Datamars Livestock login details. If you skip past the prompt, you can enter your details in the Settings screen.

3. If you have more than one farm, you can choose which farm to upload your sessions to.

4. Connect to your Tru-Test device.  

5. As soon as the Tru-Test device is connected to your phone, the sessions will download off the Tru-Test device.  When connected to the internet, the sessions will begin to upload to Datamars Livestock.

6. You can view a summary of the session you uploaded in the All Sessions screen. Tap on a session to view more details.

Having trouble? Try:

Data Link for Android requires Android 4.0 and above.

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