How do I draft an animal?

Depending on your drafting configuration, the Draft list will contain animals identified as being in heat, due for insemination or animals with a potential health issue, or both. If you have an automatic drafting gate, animals in the draft list will automatically be drafted at the next draft time as set in the drafting configuration settings.

Too many animals are showing up in my draft list. What should I do?

If there has been a weather event on your property, or you've moved animals, the activity monitoring system will pick up the changes across the herd. You don't have to do anything.

Why is the draft list changing?

As animals come into range of the gateway, their data will synchronise with the cloud and the draft list will update. It is a dynamic list. For example, if your dairy farm is in a pasture scenario, as cows come into the milking shed (parlour), their data will update and they may be added to the draft list if they are in heat or have a potential health issue.

Why are animals disappearing off my draft list?

The draft list is dynamic. If an animal was previously on the draft list, but there was an event on your property such as bad weather or moving a herd around, the activity monitoring system may remove the animal from the draft list.

How can I manually remove an animal from the draft (sort) list?

You can Undraft an animal and she will be removed from the draft list. Open the draft (sort) list in the mobile app or web app, select the animal you want to remove, then tap or click Undraft. Note: If you don't see the Undraft option, check that you have Member or Admin permissions.

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