The Farm Management app can communicate with the energizer using a Bluetooth® or a Wi-Fi connection. A Bluetooth connection requires the phone to be very near the energizer (within a few metres) whereas a Wi-Fi connection means that communication can occur wherever there is cellphone reception. This topic refers to a Bluetooth connection.

There are three reasons to establish a Bluetooth connection: 

  1. When you first set up the Farm Management app, you need to connect to the energizer using Bluetooth before it is available to connect to over the internet. This only needs to be done once.

  2. In order to change certain energizer settings. Some energizer settings are only available when you are connected using Bluetooth (see below). 

  3. If you do not have a Wi-Fi network within range of the energizer.

Before you start:

  • ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device. 

  • position your mobile device within a few metres of the energizer in order to be within Bluetooth range.  

To connect to an energizer using Bluetooth:

  1. Launch the Farm Management mobile app.

  2. Tap Nearby Devices.
    Any energizers within range will be listed.

  3. Tap Connect.
    The energizer details will be displayed on the app:

The energizer's Bluetooth status light (the second-to-last blue LED) will be ON:

Once you have connected to the energizer using Bluetooth, you can:

The above options are only available when you are connected to an energizer using Bluetooth. They are not available when you are connected using Wi-Fi.  

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