Uploading files onto the 5000 series indicator

Upload animal data onto your 5000 series indicator from Datamars Livestock or another animal data management software

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Animal data can be uploaded onto a 5000 series indicator (XR5000 or ID5000) using Data Link PC software. You may want to upload draft files, alerts, identification bucket files (EID/VID pairing) or other related data to help better manage your animals and keep track of their performance.

The type of data you can upload will depend on whether you have an ID5000 or XR5000 indicator. Check the quickstart guide for your 5000 series indicator to see what options are available. Only the XR5000 indicator supports the creation of custom columns.

Here are some suggestions:

Watch the video below to learn:

  • How to format and prepare an animal data file.

  • How to upload the file using Data Link PC software.
    Tip: Make sure your 5000 series indicator is plugged in and turned on for it to connect to Data Link PC software.

  • How to check the uploaded data is on your 5000 series indicator.

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