The Farm Management app can be used to communicate with, and view your energizers. If you have more than one property with an energizer, they can be managed under different farms using the Farm Management app.

Note: Requires the Farm Management app to be on version 1.8.0. or above.

Ensure you have created a farm for each of your properties on Datamars Livestock Cloud software to be able to change between them on the Farm Management app.

Changing farms on the Farm Management app

  1. Open the Farm Management app and tap the Settings menu icon.

  2. Tap your farm name to view all available farms linked to your account.

  3. Select another farm from the drop down to view that farm's devices.

You can swap between each farm to setup and control your different farm energizers. If you change to another farm and there are no energizers appearing under the List of Energizers, you may need to connect to a nearby device using Bluetooth® to setup it up through WiFi to add it to the farm.

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