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Getting started with Data Link PC software
Downloading Data Link PC software onto a Windows computer
Downloading Data Link PC software onto a Windows computer

Download Data Link PC software onto your Windows computer and log into your national traceability provider (NAIT, NLIS, SNIG)

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Data Link PC software allows you to manage Tru-Test devices using your Windows computer. The features supported by Data Link depend on which product is connected (refer to your product user guide for more information). For example, you may want to upload animal data onto a Tru-Test device, or download weigh sessions from a weigh scale indicator.

Note: Data Link can only be installed on computers with Microsoft Windows 7 or later.

Watch the video to learn:

  • Where to download the latest version of Data Link from

  • How to check for updates

  • How to log into your traceability provider

The following Tru-Test products are supported by Data Link:

  • Weigh Scale Indicators: 5000 series, 3000 series, EziWeigh series and S3.

  • EID readers: XRS2i, XRS2, SRS2i, SRS2, XRS and SRS stick readers and the XRP2i, XRP2 panel readers.

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